Investment Management

Investing for your future


A Saturn Portfolio adviser will tailor your investment portfolio to achieve specific income and capital requirements. The structure of your portfolio will depend on your individual tolerance for risk. Generally speaking, a Conservative investor will have a less volatile investment journey but can expect lower returns over time.  A Growth oriented investor can expect higher returns but will experience periods where returns may be negative.


Saturn subscribes to the investment research and model investment portfolios provided by Morningstar Inc. (a leading international provider of independent investment research). The research provided by Morningstar and others is then integrated into an investment strategy tailored for individual clients and Trusts.


Saturn Portfolio uses the Aegis platform for secure custodial services as well as tax and investment reporting. Aegis provides economies of scale when trading securities. This ensures transactions are completed at the lowest cost through wholesale brokerage agreements.

Aegis Limited and its custodian, Investment Custodial Services Limited (ICSL) are wholly owned subsidiaries of ASB Bank Limited.


As our client, you are able to login at any time to monitor your investment portfolio.


CASE STUDY : Diversifying a Property Investor (Malcolm)

CASE STUDY : Investing a UK Pension Transfer (John)



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