Case Study: Investing Responsibly (David & Julie)

David and Julie have been Saturn clients for a number of years and have recently returned to New Zealand after working overseas.


While living in Europe they had become very aware of the growing  importance of investing responsibly or “ethically,” as in that part of the world Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) has become mainstream.


Before heading overseas they established a number of term deposits in NZ and they now wished to add these maturity proceeds to their existing portfolio. They asked their Saturn adviser to recommend a portfolio which would meet their requirement for ethical investment.


As seasoned investors David and Julie also understood the need to balance responsible investment with good long term performance returns. They required an approach which introduced an SRI tilt to their portfolio whilst also meeting their risk, return and diversification requirements.


David and Julie were pleased to see that the recommended fund managers were either members of RIAA and/or signatories to the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI).

In addition, they opted to add several investments with a sustainability focus.


David and Julie were assured that as more investment managers formally commit to the principles of responsible investment the range of available investments will grow. Any new opportunities to increase the SRI tilt to their portfolio will be included in their regular review meetings.